Music Release Form

Music Release Form

The music release form is a document that would allow a filmmaker and/or production company to use a composer’s music to be used in their film. Generally a composer’s music is copyrighted, therefore they will expect compensation for use of their intellectual property.

The filmmaker/production company, will ask the composer to grant permission, in writing, for rights to use the composer’s artistic compositions or to sell the compositions so that they may have the sole and legal copyright to the work, so that they may integrate it entirely with the film. In this case, the composer will generally receive a listing on the credits of the film as part of the sale. The document will also state the amount of monetary compensation agreed upon between the composer and the filmmaker/production company for either type of agreement.


How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF (.pdf).

Step 2 – Once the document has been downloaded, the Composer may begin, by entering the following:

  • Their full name
  • Submit the titles to the copyrighted music track(s) for which the composer will allow use by the filmmaker/production company
  • Enter the name of the filmmaker/production company who wishes to purchase use of the copyrighted materials
  • Enter the title of the film in which the composition(s) will be integrated
  • Submit the film title again
  • Submit the type and amount of compensation the composer shall receive for use of their composition(s) from the production company

Step 3 – Composer’s Final Statement and Signatures of Both (or all) Parties –

  • The Composer/Musician must carefully review the statement provided, agreeing to the fact that the filmmaker/production company has already provided compensation and that they shall receive no further compensation or royalties from the use of the composition(s) in the film
  • Enter the name of the production company in acknowledgement that all further proceeds will be theirs
  • Check the box indicating whether or not the composer is over the age of 18
  • Submit the printed name of the Composer/Musician
  • Submit the Composer/Musician’s signature
  • AND
  • If the Composer/Musician is under the age of 18 years, enter the Parent/Legal Guardian’s printed name
  • Enter the Parent or Guardian’s signature
  • AND
  • Submit the Composer/Musician’s Street address
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Telephone number
  • AND
  • The filmmaker must provide their printed name
  • Submit the filmmaker’s Signature in agreement and acknowledgement of  the agreement