NCAA Release Form

NCAA Release Form

The NCAA release form is a document that is used by student athletes for the purpose of gaining permission to contact athletics staff members at other divisions of a NCAA Division III University or College to possibly arrange a transfer. With the same document the contacted University or College may privately contact the student athlete.

Although there is no personal or academic information disclosed with regard to the student athlete’s athletic or academic eligibility, there residence must be fulfilled as required, as well, the athlete must have been eligible for both as if they had stayed with the current University or College.

While the form is effective, (30 days only) the new college or university, with permission of this form, may contact the student athlete and the student athlete may also contact the potential new institution.  Should it be that it is the the student athlete’s first time in sending the form to a specific institution, then the institution is fully responsible to protect the privacy of the information and contact, but for only 30 days.

In the event the student athlete should decide to move forward with a transfer, it is the responsibility of the College or University to  contact the current institution with seven (7) days of the expiration date of the form. The form will remain in the office of the athletic’s director for a sum of six (six) years.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF (.pdf).

Step 2 – Once the document has been downloaded, the student athlete should read through the document entirely prior to  completion and application of signature

Step 3 – Student-Athlete Information –

  • Enter the name of the student-athlete
  • Submit the name of the institution in which the student-athlete would like to contact for consideration

Step 4 – Titled Sections and Subsections -The student-athlete must carefully review all of the following, prior to application of signature:

  • Bylaw and a and b
  • Paragraphs 1 through 4 (a), (b) and (c)

Step 5 – Signature and Student-Athlete Information- Provide the following:

  • Signature of Student-Athlete
  • Date of signature in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • Printed name
  • Name of current institution
  • Enter any sports of interest to the student-athlete
  • Submit the following contact information:
  • Telephone number
  • Email address or physical address
  • Check one or both of the boxes that would be applicable
  • Send the signed form via postal mail. The student-athlete may send by fax or email but it must be scanned, inasmuch as it must have a signature entered