Transcript Release Form

Transcript Release Form

The transcript release form is a document completed by a college-bound high school student and their parent to grant their high school(s) permission to release their records to the Eligibility Center with the NCAA so that athletic determination may be made on behalf of the student.

The student and parent will grant permission to release personal information that will assist in identifying the student as well, any ACT and ETS test results to determine academic performance. Limited medical information may also accompany the documentation.

The student and parent will grant permission for colleges that have been applied to by the student must send a request to NCAA for the student records if they are interested in the athlete attending their facility. If there is no interest on behalf of any member of the institution, no documents will be processed.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in Adobe PDF (.pdf).

Step 2 – Enter –

  • The student’s full name
  • AND
  • Their  NCAA Identification

Step 3 – Student and Parental Review –

  • The student and parent must carefully review the two paragraphs that are vital to the understanding of the terms release of information pertaining to the student’s high school records and proof of graduation
  • If the parties agree, proceed

Step 4 – Signatures –

  • The student must read the statement at the end of the document
  • If the student is in agreement and they are 18 years of age, they may sign the document individually
  • Date the student’s signature in mm/dd/yyyy format
  • If the student is at all, under the age of 18 years, their parent or guardian must provide their signature as well
  • If needed, submit the parent’s signature
  • Date the signature in mm/dd/yyyy format

Before submission of the document, the student should copy the document for their private records. If supporting documentation is required by NCAA to be supplied by the student, be certain to attach copies to avoid any delay in processing